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WTC One is a pre-existing business development that shares the benefits of an incredible field with one-of-a-kind offices. It is designed to be a gold-saving gold mine, reminiscent of electrical energy and the use of unconventional energy.
SALE STORE: A consistently designed design with outstanding visual quality. Another unusual business approach for new marketing companies is choosing display areas.
Cafe: Give your own taste by visiting the delicious restaurants in WTC One Faridabad. Food from all over the world with a natural scent.
Food Court: Where the sweetness meets the beautiful scenery. Give your buds to taste something you would like with a variety of recipes.
Office Space: Large integrated office space, with plenty of space to transfer daily business without any problem.
Unusual Concept of Trading Stores in the WTC One 27C Faridabad Region
Construction of glass shops for better visibility
Anonymous business disclosure
The feeling of global shopping

WTC One Faridabad Region Project Features

Earth Resources: Power Backup, Car Parking, Air Supply, CCTV Security, Cinema
Well-designed: Intelligent automatic protection system for advanced explosions, permissions, multi-modes
Customers in Paradise: Walking the high street, high-end multi-product stores
CCTV compliments, smart workplace, high altitude, Healthy Place
Highway corridor that allows the normal flow of traffic.

About the World Trade Center One:

  • Seamless Blend of Outdoor and Indoor Spaces
  • Separated entry and exit
  • Intelligent design for enhanced store visibility
  • Automatic Boom Barrier for entry and exit for security and exit
  • Sensitivity to Architecture

Investing in anything these days is not an easy task. The country’s economy must be stable enough to bring trust and the goods must be reliable. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why investors are constantly seeking housing and land. The property is recognizable or rather provides a sense of relief to the owners. In India, the cities of Tier I and Tier II, especially Delhi and satellite cities like Faridabad, are gaining momentum with the construction of houses.
Near the capital of our country, Faridabad sees an excellent growth rate and an astonishing rate of housing development in satellite locations. Investing in such projects for the first time will be one of the best ways to invest risk-free investment in the near future.

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